Chef Josué Rodríguez Maya leads the culinary experience at Carmina, created from the fusion of latin american kitchen and mediterranean cuisine, using the old fashioned but enhanced charcoal grill cooking techniques.

His imagination and creativity has taken him to work around the globe to pursuit a triumphant trajectory as an international Chef, setting up the most fine kitchens around the world in quite a few places such as Toro Toro Dubái and Toro Toro Miami, Maya Restaurant in Doha Qatar and its similar in New York, Dohyo New York, Yotel New York, Raya Restaurant in California, USA. 

His origins as a Chef at México City go back to the golden years of one of the most emblematic and renowned restaurants of the capital of the country: Tezka Restaurant, winner of different international awards. His personal print mark has been seen in restaurants like Omiya, at Hotel Brick with its two culinary concepts Olivia and Moderna, serving the most trendy dishes inside the hotel. 

His steps as corporate Chef at Grupo Posadas new concept Live Aqua Hotel, started a new gastronomic festival concept, inviting the most iconic restaurant owners of the country to join one of the most important Gastronomic Festivals: Sabores de la Ciudad de México along with Aqui Nadie Se Rinde, A.C., a fund raising civil association dedicated to combat child cancer. 

He has collaborated with one of the most successful mexican chefs around the world: Chef Ricardo “Richard” Sandoval developing together the new kitchen concept known nowadays as Modern Mexican that has an international important transcendence.

This is the way Chef Josué has been sharing and mastering his knowledge and creativity in some of the most important gastronomic cities of the world, experience that nowadays has taken him to apply his skills to his own project and make shine his craft at Carmina Restaurant.



At Carmina we combine the visual experience, the sounds of the place and the music, the smell of our mixology bar and our kitchen, the taste of our food. All together with the sole purpose of provoking our customers to feel an astounding awareness to their senses.

Our staff special attention is our pleasure. And the pleasure of Carmina’s Experience lies in gently taking our customers to unforgettable moments.



Carmina Restaurant has a beautiful terrace at the top, 3 private rooms and our main lounge, that offers a 200 customers capacity that creates an authentic experience for corporate and social events, parties, meetings, fashion runways and more.

Contact Us: eventos@grupocarmina.com



Brunch Dominical  Pet Friendly

Every Sunday!

Brunch Terrace $ 550 from 12:30 to 6 PM

 November 27 | Mixology - SOTOL Los Desgraciados

$600 |3 course tasting menu |UnlimitedvCocktails